CES 2024 Preview: Full Suite Breakdown, Custom Systems and More

CES 2024 Preview: Full Suite Breakdown, Custom Systems and More

CES 2024 has come to a close on its exciting exhibition. In celebration of a successful week, let's do a full final recap of our entire suite and the many exciting things our worldwide team showed off this past week. Before that, though, let's take a closer look at some sweet custom PC systems we demoed at CES from META PC, Xidax and LiquidHaus.  


If you've visited Patriot Memory at any of our recent events, such as CES 2024, CES 2023, PDXLAN 2022, Pax West 2022 and DreamHack 2022, you've likely seem us with a META PC custom build. 

This year at CES 2024, we received two custom builds from META PC that both featured our own Viper Gaming performance memory. The first build is surrounded by a digital camo theme to its case, as shown below:

This META PC build incorporates the Viper Venom RGB DDR5 to showcase its strong performance and aesthetics with its RGB lighting paired with the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 GPU.


Our second META PC custom build has a different look that focuses more on a chrome sunset, Miami Vice-style of aesthetic that incorporates our Viper Gaming logo very effectively into the imagery. 

Our second META PC build is centered around strong performance through the Viper Xtreme 5 RGB DDR5's high speeds, with its RGB lighting paired with the Zotac Gaming GeForce RTX 4080 GPU for a doubly unique system comprised of power and sharp looks. 


Next up is our custom Xidax build. Much like our two META PC custom builds, our Xidax system also incorporates Viper memory with the Viper Venom RGB DDR5. Altogether, this build offers a different color palette and aesthetic compared to that of our META PC builds for the gamers that like darker tones. When paired, with the ASUS GeForce RTX 4070 Ti ROG GPU, this Xidax system makes for ridiculously high performance. 




Last but not least, we get to a custom LiquidHaus build we got to show off that not only featured our latest Viper Elite 5 TUF Gaming Alliance RGB DDR5, but was one of the most unique builds our worldwide Patriot team has ever seen:

This LiquidHaus build was created in collaboration with LiquidHaus and Lian Li for the launch of the new O11 Vision case. Alongside a full liquid cooling system, our very own  Viper Elite 5 TUF Gaming Alliance RGB DDR5 makes an appearance to give this system a memory boost and complement a unique white component look inside.  

Finally, let's take a quick look at the many, many products we showed at CES 2024 with links to each of our detailed breakdowns of our products. 



Viper Elite 5 TUF Gaming Alliance RGB DDR5


Viper Xtreme 5 9000+MT/s RGB DDR5 



PV553 M.2 PCIe Gen5 x4 SSD

PV573 M.2 PCIe Gen5 x4 SSD

VP4000 Mini M.2 2230 PCIe Gen4 x4 SSD 

Transporter External Portable SSD

Patriot Portable SSD Series (USB 4.0, USB Duo A/C and Type-C)

VXD M.2 PCIe RGB SSD Enclosure 

ACPI Full Overview

Thank you to everyone our team met at CES 2024 and for everyone who followed along with our CES coverage at home! 

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