How to Pick the Right Mousepad

How to Pick the Right Mousepad

When considering mice for your gaming PCs, there are a lot of factors gamers consider when picking the right one. The shape, weight, button layouts, sensors, customization and lighting effects of mice are just a few things gamers will consider when looking for the right tools to crush their opponents. 

However, finding the right mousepad that suits your mouse is one often overlooked element that can make all the difference. In many games where reaction speed and pinpointed accuracy are a must, smooth surface control can be the only thing separating clutching the round or losing.

What should you be looking for when trying to find the right mousepad?

Surface Material: Hard or Soft Pad?

Surface material can make a massive difference in finding the right mousepad for your mouse and the range of control that comes with it.

Traditionally, hard, rigid mousepads are made from harder materials like plastic, metal or glass. This slicker but more rigid surface generates less friction from movements and results in faster mouse movement. However, softer mousepads are often made from rubber composites like neoprene and opt for more friction and precision mouse movement. 


A mouse's footpads and their surface can make a major difference in the control of the mouse on a mousepad. Certain footpad materials like ceramic or teflon make mice glide across surfaces with precision and speed. Some ceramic footpads, like those on the Viper V570 pictured above, can be better suited for a more rigid surface as opposed to the friction of a softer one. 

Customization and RGB


Customization and lighting effects are major points of interest for many gamers both in mice and mousepads alike. Traditionally, many softer mousepads might feature logos or imagery that suit gamers' interests or fit with the overall aesthetic of their build. However, some mousepads can go a lot further with this. For some harder mousepads, there are many possibilities of different colors externally and even the ability to have custom RGB to fit with that of mice, keyboards or the overall build. With the Viper RGB-LED mousepad, the combination of lighting can really pop, as pictured above.  


The size of your mousepad in conjunction with a keyboard and overall setup can be a key attribute to finding the right one. It's important to consider the area around the mouse, such as the space for moving the mouse, where keyboards are and the size of a space size for playing.  

For many, a mousepad can be as small as a square space around the area of a mouse or long enough to put a keyboard on top with enough room to use the mouse. Softer mousepads are usually the pick because they can roll up and fit an entire wide space, while harder mousepads can suit a smaller space. 

Patriot's Picks

Regardless of whether you need a hard, soft, big, small or aesthetically pleasing mousepad to properly suit your mouse and build, Viper has got you covered. We have mousepads that can suit anyone's needs.

RGB-LED Mousepad

If you...

  • Love RGB and lighting effects
  • Use mice with ceramic footpads
  • Play FPS or high-sensitivity games 

The Viper Gaming RGB-LED Mousepad is the perfect mousepad for you. These harder surfaced mousepads are perfect for premier lighting, getting the most out of ceramic footpads, or fast-paced games where warping could cause problems while still offering a great size.

Supersize Rollout Mousepad

If you...

  • Prefer a traditional feel 
  • Want a larger space to game
  • Seek convenience and flexibility
  • Play games on low DPI

The Viper Gaming Rollout Mousepad Supersize is a great choice. This giant mousepad offers a familiar rubbery feel of a mousepad, has great size, is easy to take on the go and is good for gamers who play on lower DPI settings. 

Large Mousepad

If you...

  • Prefer a smaller space 
  • Use a laptop or flexible setup
  • Need something for a work-life balance
  • Are on a budget

The Viper Gaming Mousepad Large will suit your setup well. This mousepad is a good choice for anyone needing a mouse and mousepad for work, gaming in a more compact setting or are looking for a good deal. 

With multiple unique mousepads all designed with smoothness, efficiency and good looks in mind, there's something out there for everyone. Regardless of whichever mousepad you choose, you'll be able to truly maximize the control of your mouse to hit all your shots and secure the win. 

 Viper Gaming RGB-LED Mousepad
Viper Gaming Rollout Mousepad Supersize
Viper Gaming Mousepad Large $14.99

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