Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Resident Evil 4 Remake Tips, Tricks and Strategies

Capcom's Resident Evil 4 remake has arrived and taken the world by storm. As we discussed in our review, it's an incredibly robust and unique game that's earned its status a true next-gen experience and the new gold standard for remastering games. With that, there is tons of story, strategy and things to learn when jumping into the game that can be overwhelming for players new to the franchise or game itself. In this guide, we'll discuss some different tips, tricks and strategies to try that can help players succeed. 


Conserve your ammo

It's not quite Resident Evil if ammo isn't a bit difficult to come by! Throughout the game, you'll often find yourself with a less than desirable amount of ammo. The best ways to find more are through enemies dropping different ammo, crafting materials and smashing yellow marked containers. In times throughout where enemies can take a handful of shots to take down one horde, make sure you always have some to spare. 


Aim for the Knees with Handguns

Early on, handguns will require a good amount of hits to the body to stop enemies. To avoid using too much ammo during combat, try shooting them in the legs and knees to slow them down. One shot in each leg will typically give a prompt to melee and finish them off. At times, they might come back with a little health, but this method can save a lot of ammo early on when players getting into the groove of things will need it the most. 


Find Kitchen Knives 

Though Leon's combat knife can be very effective in close combat and sneaking up on enemies, its base build is not very durable and will break after a while until it is upgraded. To stay stocked up and avoid spending thousands of pesetas every so often to fix your knife, find as many kitchen knives as possible. Though kitchen knives are much less durable than the combat knife, they're just as effective for melee attacks and quick silent takedowns to avoid overuse with your combat knife. Kitchen knives are also much smaller than the combat knife, making their inventory storage easy. Kitchen knives are also useful for crafting, especially when players unlock more weapons like the Bolt Thrower. Speaking of...


Buy the Bolt Thrower

The Bolt Thrower is one of the weapons that can completely change the game after equipping it. Featuring a crossbow design that shoots craftable bolts full of stopping power, these bolts can be constantly picked up after killing enemies with them without the threat of them breaking. If you become a good enough shot with the Bolt Thrower and upgrade it well enough, it essentially becomes a one-shot kill with unlimited ammo. You'll never know how badly you needed it until you have it. Watch out for the Merchant to run sales from time to time, as the Bolt Thrower will be 20% off its usual 10,000 Peseta cost for just one time only when stopping by. 


Learn How to Craft Herbs

Throughout the game, players will find a variety of red, yellow and green herbs that replenish health when used. However, instead of using them up, hold onto them and look for other herbs to combine for mixed herbs that offer more. For example, you can mix any of the red, green and yellow as shown on the chart above. If you can, hold out for a G+R+Y mixed herb that will replenish all of your health and boost your maximum health. Crafting and using these can be key as you progress and face tougher enemies. 


Invest in Handgun Upgrades

Though handguns might not be the most consistently effective weapon in Resident Evil 4 compared to some shotguns, rifles and others with more stopping power, you will easily use your handguns more than any other gun in the game with their ammo being the easiest to find and craft and their upgrades being the cheapest. As you earn more Pesetas and progress through the game, prioritize upgrading your pistol(s) regularly to keep up and breeze through hordes faster with better weaponry each time. 


Upgrade your Briefcase

If you're like me, you need to carry everything and anything on your journey because you might need it later. However, your base inventory can be limited and push you to your limits at times. When you have the Pesetas to spend early on, I would highly recommend visiting the Merchant and upgrading your inventory as soon as possible. For a price of only 6,000 Pesetas for the first upgrade and a solid amount of new space, there are plenty of times you'll be thankful for having the space for more guns and plenty of chicken eggs. Keep checking periodically for more space upgrades to get the most of your arsenal.


Complete Merchant requests as you progress

Throughout the game, players will find pieces of paper asking them to complete some sort of mission during their adventure, such as destroying 5 blue medallions, selling snakes or destroying creepy dolls. Completing these will earn Spinels, or gems that are used for trading with the Merchant. Though they can't be sold, they can be traded for unique items to help players, including different guns and treasure maps to find more items. It's well worth taking a step back from the main storyline and looking around for the medallions sometimes!


Visit the Merchant Shooting Range

When you reach Chapter 3, you'll encounter the Merchant's hideout located by the lake. Along with a save point, shopping and multiple explorations points to progress the story, there is an elevator that leads to a shooting range below the ground. Here, players can use their owned guns to complete shooting challenges and improve their aim to earn prizes and attachments that can drastically help your playthrough. Some of these perks include finding extra ammo, receiving more Pesetas on item sales and more resale value on guns. These can give you plenty of perks to help you get more bang for your buck. 


Don't be afraid to explore the nooks and crannies

There is a lot of ground to cover throughout the Spanish countryside, but Resident Evil 4 can be very rewarding to players that like to check everywhere they can. Players can often find things like small keys or dropped valuables that can net treasures worth a lot of Pesetas when circling back to areas previously visited. This is one of the most helpful ways to get upgrades much faster than normal. There's little secrets to find everywhere!

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