Viper Gaming's Full Headset Guide

Viper Gaming's Full Headset Guide

When it comes to gaming headsets, there are many factors that gamers should consider to find the right one. Comfort, audio quality, microphone quality, connection, noise cancellation, shape, and aesthetics are all equally important qualities that should be considered for what gamers seek in their headset. As a result, it may be difficult to find headsets that check many boxes for what gamers are looking for. 

With Viper Gaming's flagship headset line, gamers won't need to decide what features to focus on or ignore when a headset can offer every part of the premium experience they're looking for. 

In today's article, we will discuss Viper Gaming's three current headsets offerings from the respective expert, intermediate and novice range: the Viper V380, the Viper V360 and the Viper V330. While all three offer strong features, which one is right for you?



Viper V380 RGB 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset

The Viper V380 is the latest headset from Viper Gaming. Built with supreme comfort, quality and great minimalistic looks in mind, the V380 is made to optimize the gaming experience. 

With the V380, it is easy to stay comfortable to stay in the game longer. The V380 is designed with comfort in mind, featuring padded oversized ear cups and an adjustable protein-leather headband. 

Along with its strong 7.1 surround sound and noise cancellation, the Viper V380 also features a 53mm neodymium driver, USB connection and a detachable, omnidirectional noise-canceling microphone for sharp communication and listening. 

Accompanying its unique ergonomic design, the Viper V380 also stands out for its RGB display that is customizable through the Viper V380 RGB software, available for free here

The Viper V380 is a great expert-level headset for those looking for something built for a full gaming experience, more customization to their gear and leather padding on their headsets.

 Viper V380 RGB Headset



Viper V360 LED 7.1 Surround Sound Gaming Headset 

Built for the right balance of comfort, quality and convenience, the Viper V360 offers a strong gaming experience full of ease of access. 

With cushioned ergonomic ear cups and an adjustable soft plastic headband, the Viper V360 offers plenty of comfort to keep you engaged in even the longest gaming marathons. 

Featuring strong 7.1 surround sound, a USB connection and noise cancellation for crystal clear sound, the Viper V360 also has a foldable noise-canceling microphone that stays attached to the headset. 

The Viper V360 also offers great convenience for users to change sound and LED settings to their liking. The V360 has LED, bass and volume controls located on the left ear cup for easy access and no need for audio controllers on the USB cord. Users can also download the Viper V360 headset software here

The Viper V360 is a great intermediate-level headset for flexibility between gaming and work, an alternative to softer fabric ear cups and those seeking convenience to controls. 

 Viper V360 LED Headset


Viper V330 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset 

The Viper V330 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset is designed with comfort, quality and convenience all at an excellent price point. 

With foam cushioning on its ergonomic ear cups and an adjustable hard plastic headband, the Viper V330 offers a comfortable experience for any gaming session. 

Featuring high-quality stereo sound, USB connection and a foldable noise-canceling microphone held inside the ear cup, the V330 delivers on great audio quality on any system or game. 

The Viper V330 also offers great convenience for users to change volume levels and mute their microphone with controls on the left ear cup, eliminating the need for corded audio controllers. 

The Viper V330 is a great novice-level headset for those looking for a simple headset with a low-profile design, good stereo sound and a headset without the bells and whistles at a strong price point. 

 Viper V330 Stereo Sound Gaming Headset

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