What to Expect from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded Update

What to Expect from the Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Season 2 Reloaded Update

The new Season 2 mid-season update has arrived for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Call of Duty: Warzone, and fans are excited for all the new content and changes. With just under a month to finish out Season 2, here are all the best new things players need to know about the new mid-season update. 

Raid, Episode 2

Picking up where the first episode of the unique 3-player Special Ops Raid left off, players will follow Captain Price, Gaz and Farah on their mission in Atomgrad in events following the Modern Warfare 2 campaign. Unlike Episode 1, players can complete this Raid with no Raid Assignment necessary. Completing this Raid episode can earn rare loot depending on difficulty.  

New Map: Himmelmatt Expo

Himmelmatt Expo is the newest map coming to Season 2 following complaints of just two maps being added for Season 2's launch. This new map has received strong praise so far and its snowy landscape adds a lot of fun gameplay for multiplayer matches. 

New Gun: Tempus Torrent Marksman Rifle

The Tempus Torrent is the newest weapon added to Modern Warfare 2, joining the Marksman Rifles. So far, the Tempus Torrent has received a lot of praise in both Multiplayer and Warzone for its smooth rate of fire and how effective it can be used from both long and short range. 

In order to unlock the Tempus Torrent, players will need to earn 25 double kills with Marksman Rifles, or can be purchased in the store. 

New Game Modes: Drop Zone, All or Nothing, One in the Chamber

COD fans of the older games are hyped about the addition of three classic COD modes back in the mix with Drop Zone, All or Nothing and One in the Chamber.

Drop Zone

Making its debut in Modern Warfare 3 (2011), players can expect full-on chaos with teams attempting to control an occupied zone of the map with constant care packages dropping in every 15 seconds. Expect to get a LOT of care packages dropped on you. 

All or Nothing

All or Nothing provides players with just throwing knives and a pistol with no ammo that requires players to get kills with just knives and melee attacks. Each kill will give the player more ammo. 

One in the Chamber

One in the Chamber plays just as the name suggests: all players get just one bullet in their pistol that only replenishes with killing other players. Each player only has three lives and requires a lot of accuracy and luck. 


New Path of the Ronin Skins and Challenges

Players can also continue along the existing Path of the Ronin challenge with plenty of brand-new assignments for players to earn new accessories and unique skins upon their completion. 

New Collaboration: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

New Cosmetic skins will also join Modern Warfare 2, allowing players to now play as Shredder, the main antagonist of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise. Though it is unknown if players will eventually be able to play as the actual heroes in a half-shell in the future, it appears Shredder will accompany skins, blueprints, calling cards and other components sure to add some fun to the grind. Shredder will be available for purchase on Tuesday, March 21. 

New Weapon, Attachment and Equipment Balance

As tradition with new COD updates, players can expect to see new weapon patches. Here are the following patches as listed by the patch notes:

Assault Rifles

  • STB 556
    • Added minimum damage against Armor (limits bullets to kill at furthest range)

Light Machine Guns

    • Reduced far range damage
    • Small increase to close range damage
    • Reduced headshot damage
    • Reduced upper torso damage
    • Increased recoil
  • RPK
    • Reduced walking speed
    • Reduced muzzle velocity
  • Sakin MG38
    • Reduced damage range

Marksman Rifles 

  • Crossbow
    • Increased time period to trigger double kills for challenges

Submachine Guns 

  • MX9
    • Increased mid damage ranges
  • BAS-p 
    • Increased sprint to fire time
    • Increased damage ranges
  • PDSW 528
    • Slightly offset weapon while ADS using iron sights to improve visibility
  • Vel 46
    • Increased close damage ranges
    • Fixed attributes on 30 round magazine to improve handling and mobility
  • Lachmann Sub
    • Reduced movement speed
    • Reduced aim down sight speed
    • Improved recoil control
    • LM Nebula Barrel
      • Improved damage range
      • Improved recoil control


  • KV Broadside
    • Reduced lower torso damage
    • 12 Gauge Ammo
      • Reduced damage ranges
      • Reduced close range damage
    • Dragon’s Breath Ammo
      • Reduced damage ranges
      • Reduced close range damage
      • Global reduction to 12 gauge Dragon’s Breath maximum residual damage
  • Bryson 800 and Bryson 890
    • Increased headshot damage on all slugtype ammo
    • Added minimum damage against armor


  • Flinch
    • Reduced recenter speed for Flinch
    • Minor increase to Flinch on ARs, SMGs, LMGs, and Shotguns


  • Hollow Point Rounds
    • Removed bullet velocity penalty
  • Frangible Rounds
    • Changed healing delay timer to set from last bullet’s impact (lengthens the overall delay on a Player)
    • Removed damage range penalty
  • Overpressure Rounds
    • Removed recoil penalty
    • Increased flinch imparted on Players
  • 12 Gauge Dragon’s Breath
    • Reduced residual damage while burning
  • 12 Gauge Slugs and HE Slugs
    • Added minimum damage against armor

Underbarrel Launchers

  • Removed movement penalty from Grenade Launchers 
  • Added recoil control bonus to Underbarrel Grenade and Shotgun Launchers
  • Added one extra ammunition stock to Grenade Launchers 


  • Reduced flinch received on no stock modifications 

Bipod Grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty for the Bipod V9 grip
  • CORE BP2 Bipod Grip:
    • Fixed bug in stat reporting 
    • Added hip recoil control
    • Reduced hip walking speed
    • Removed ADS penalty 
    • Added grip to compatible LMGs and Marksman Rifles 

Underbarrel Grips

  • Reduced ADS penalty on all under barrel grips
  • Reduced movement speed penalty for all vertical grips 

Muzzle Attachments 

  • Breachers
    • Greatly reduced ADS penalty
    • Added hip movement speed buff
  • Flash Hiders
    • Reduced ADS penalty  


  • Reduced ADS penalty on holo optics
  • Removed movement penalties on holo optics
  • Reduced ADSand movement penalties from all thermal, hybrid, and variable zoom optics
  • Reduced ADS penalty on shotgun scopes

Comb Attachments

  • Fixed Handling stat UI on:
    • Shlager TTF3 Riser
    • FSS Ammo Sleeve
    • PD-A40 Sleeve
    • Wingman Comb
    • FSS EL-T Pouch


  • Frag Grenade
    • Damage against armor increased
  • Claymore
    • Damage against armor increased
  • Semtex
    • Damage against armor increased

Ultimately, the last push of Season 2 before it ends on April 12 should have plenty of fun in store for players. 

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