What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Headset

What to Look for When Buying a Gaming Headset

Gaming Headsets

Every gamer knows what it’s like not to use a proper gaming headset. When you start out gaming, you’ll use the first thing you have readily available; earphones, headphones, earbuds, etc.

As you begin to game more, you are going to realize that the earphones you are using will not suffice for the long and intense gaming that you will do in the future.

You’re going to want something that is comfortable so that you can play for long periods of time. Something that can pick up on subtle audio cues in your game clearly and accurately, and has a decent microphone.



Wired & Wireless Gaming Headset


The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a wired or wireless gaming headset. The most common concern that every gamer has is the connection.

A lot of gamers prefer wired headsets so that they will never lose the connection to the game. There might be a chance that the wireless connection is faulty or that you forgot to charge your headset and you lose seconds or even minutes of important audio information that could determine the point of the game. Wireless headsets tend to need to charge for at least one to eight hours, depending on the built in mechanisms.

A wired headset will never need to be charged since it is always plugged in. You will never need to worry about the faulty connection because it will always be connected. The only thing you need to worry about is when the wire gets faulty due to tangles as they wear and tear overtime. Additionally, wired headsets are more affordable and recommended for gamers who are on a budget.

Many gamers prefer wireless headsets so that they will never bump into the wire that is just hanging there by their side and distracting them. They are wireless so you can maneuver into whichever position that you’re most comfortable in, as long as you’re in the range of the Bluetooth or dongle.

Also, with wireless headsets, you are able to move around, go off to the bathroom, pick up a pizza delivery, and attend to something urgent that might have come up in the middle of your game without the need to take them off.



Viper Gaming Headset

You need the right gaming headset for your ears, ones that will not make your ears feel sore even after an hour of gaming.

If you’ve ever gamed with just your regular earphones or headphones, whether it be for an hour or for long periods of time, you’ll know the feeling of the sweat and heat that is built up over the long hours of playing. It is not a nice feeling. You’ve probably felt the relief of taking off your earphones and the comfort of just having them out of your ears. The irritation will distract you from your game and probably make you not want to play until a couple hours later or maybe even the next day. Improper headsets can cause headaches that don’t go away for a couple days.

The right headset will fit comfortably on your ears and never irritate you. It will allow you to play for hours without the feel or need for you to remove them unless you need to speak to someone in the same vicinity as you. Your headset should need to fit snugly over your ears and be adjustable for your head.

Most gaming headsets are made out of plastic since it is the cheapest material to make them in. Plastic headsets are lighter but may not have the best quality.

It is not recommended to use plastic headsets since they are not durable and tend to break easily.  They often make that loud creaky sound even if you move your head just the slightest bit that can distract you from your game.

The best gaming headsets are made with memory foam velour ear cups. The plush, knitted fabric is comfortable for your ears and allows for the right amount of air to circulate so your ears won’t feel heated and sweaty after gaming for hours.

Adjustable all metal material or wire frame headbands are the next comfort for you to consider for your headset. You want to be able to game without feeling the pressure of your headset pressing into your head and giving you a head pain.

You also would want a gaming headset that isn’t heavy for your head since you’re going to be wearing it for long periods of time. The weight of the headset is generally due to the quality of the material. The headsets that are heavier tend to have better quality than lighter ones since they would have addition padding and cushions to make it more comfortable for you to wear.



Audio For Gaming Headsets

If you are playing competitive games where you need to know where the sound is coming from, get a gaming headset that has surround sound. However, if you play games where you don’t need to know those exact small details, you should get a gaming headset with a standard sound system.

Noise cancellation is important so that you won’t hear sounds that are not in your game. Headsets that go over your ears have a better chance of cancelling out sounds that will distract you from your game. You don’t want to be distracted by any sudden noise that will make you look away from your screen when you’re in the middle of a game. Traffic noise from through your window, footsteps, or noisy family members are common distractions that don’t need to be heard when you’re gaming.



Gaming Headset Microphone

If you’re a gamer, you’ll know you need to have a proper mic. Most gamers prefer to have their mic attached to their headset so that they don’t need to move the mic in the proper position every single time they game. The proper mic should only transmit your voice clearly, not the sounds around you or the music you’re playing through your headset, unless you’re in a noisy environment.



Gaming Headset Prices

Your gaming headset doesn’t have to be expensive. The cheapest gaming headsets you can buy would probably cost around $30 with the most basic functions for audio.

Cheaper gaming headsets tend to be made out of plastic. It might not be as comfortable and it may feel like you’re wearing headphones but it still works for what it’s made for.

 Most adequate gaming headsets would range between $60-$200. The headsets with these prices would come with better audio like surround sound and have leather, pleather, or foam ear cuffs that would make it more comfortable in the long run.


It is important to know what types of games you are into and what types of games that you’re expecting you play. Research everything listed above to make sure you buy what you’re looking for and what is right for you.

Just remember, price isn’t everything.

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