Is Gaming Better with Wired or Wireless Mice?

Is Gaming Better with Wired or Wireless Mice?

Mice are among the most important tools to PC gaming that can make or break your gaming experience. With so many different types of gaming-oriented mice on the market today, there's plenty of factors that go into deciding which are right for your setup.

When talking about mice, it's important to compare the differences between wired mice and wireless mice as options. As wireless gaming as a whole has improved greatly over time, wireless mice has grown far closer in comparison to traditionally wired mice than ever before. Let's look at a few points for each and discuss if gaming is truly "better" when using a wired or wireless mouse in 2023.



For wired mice, connection has always been a tried and true factor with strong consistency. With their direct connection to a system, data is transferred quickly with zero connection loss. Traditionally, wired mice have traditionally been best in this regard. 

For years, many wireless mice would have more connection issues than wired mice, especially those with easier means of interference using features like Bluetooth that slowed down data transfer speeds. However, with the growth of wireless technology, wireless mice have come a long way. Many of the strong wireless gaming mice on the market have strong connections that rival the best wired mice, especially those with a 2.4GHz connection that allow for a robust and consistent connection at various ranges. 

Ultimately, like performance, connection has grown very close when comparing top-quality mice of both varieties that won't be a dealbreaker for either. 



As with any gaming peripherals, performance is one of the most important points to consider when looking for products that suit your needs, and mice are no different. Mice performance in gaming generally requires strong response time with little latency or lag to the speed of your movements, especially considering tempo and speed you need from a mouse. 

Traditionally, wired mice have been best for this due to their direct wired connection that allows for no interruption or delays to hit your mark. Today,  wireless mice have come far and good wireless mice can be right on par with wired mice in terms of performance. As we discuss in the next point on connection, wireless mice deliver stronger connection than ever before that allows for excellent performance and response. However, it should be noted that wireless mice may generally show slightly more latency by virtue of their wireless connection through the air. Nonetheless, it's clear that performance has become far less of a divide between the two types of mice. 



Mouse weight is one key personal preference that can mean a great deal. Much like DPI, some gamers and games might lean to a lighter mouse that offers more sensitive touch in turn with quick mouse movement. Conversely, others might lean towards a heavier mouse that isn't as sensitive and requires more force for movement. Game preference itself can make this a crucial factor as well. 

Ultimately, weight can depend on specific models and brands and isn't always dictated by what kind of connection a mouse has. Though batteries may typically add a bit of weight to wireless mice that could make them a bit heavier than a wired one, there are plenty of lightweight and heavyweight options available for both wireless and wired mice, depending on brands. Some mice, such as the Viper V570 shown above, also have removable weights that can be adjusted and customized to a user's desire. 


Range and Surface Area

Advancements in wireless mice makes range a strong deciding factor today. Wireless mice can be helpful for gamers who may want to sit further from their systems, have bigger systems that require some adjustment to a space, use multiple large screens, use a laptop or connect your PC to a TV.

Regardless of your situation, it's worth noting that wireless mice can be very helpful with different surface areas and ranges in conjunction to your system. Though wired mice will typically have some length to their cables, they may not offer nearly as much diversity to space, surface area and range for gamers' needs at a distance. 



Convenience is a big selling point for many gamers, especially those facing variable circumstances with their systems. For some, their gaming mouse may double as their work mouse. For others, their gaming could be done primarily on laptops, between a laptop and a gaming system or even operated between changing locations.

Whatever your situation might be, one thing is for certain: this is one area where wireless mice might slightly edge out wired mice. The convenience of wireless mice not having any physically binding connection to a system means that they can simply be switched from system to system without much of a problem. For some users, wireless mice can also allow for a more organized space to with less cable clutter or management to keep all system cords separate. They're also far easier to travel with, with ease of access from any location that doesn't require untangling and re-tangling cords with each use. 

However, one slight knock against the convenience of wireless mice is their need for charged batteries that will need to be changed or recharged every so often. Though many gaming mice will typically have lives of up to 100 hours per charge, this can still be a hassle that needs addressed every so often that wired mice won't face. Wired mice also have a USB connection that can be used for a vast majority of systems with the right adaptor or input, making the switch easier.  



For many gamers, cost is always one of the most crucial factors to deciding which type of mouse is right for them. Getting the right bang for your buck with a tool that will directly help and bolster your gaming experience is an absolute must. 

As with our other points, it's worth noting that wireless mice are not nearly as expensive or laden with problems as they once were and offer strong quality at all price points. However, it is also worth noting that your average higher quality wired mouse has been observably cheaper than your average higher quality wireless mouse by the same brand, often starting around $10-$20 USD or more. Other wireless components in some mice, such as extra batteries or receivers, can also result in spending more a bit more. Given this, wired mice can often be a better deal as opposed to wireless mice if gamers are on a budget for their peripherals, as an all-in-one purchase that doesn't require more than a plug-and-play experience. 


Which is Better: Wired or Wireless Mice?

Ultimately, both wired and wireless mice have strong pros and cons to each that make them attractive to different groups of gamers. Though there is no objectively better choice, the above factors are good places to start, compare and learn about which type of mouse is best for your lifestyle. 


Patriot's Picks: Viper Gaming Mice

For gamers looking for a new mouse, Viper Gaming has a great selection of wired mice to choose from. With the V570, V551, V550 and V530, Viper Gaming has something built for every gamer out there. Check out all of our mice options today!

Viper V570 RGB Mouse

Built with an ergonomic design, the Viper V570 contains all the bells and whistles gamers love in a mouse. With its 13 programmable buttons, removable weights, ceramic footpads, wired connection, and stunning full-display RGB, the V570 offers plenty of customization and sharp performance in a mouse reaching upwards of 12,000 DPI. 

The V570 is a perfect expert-level mouse for gamers looking for the all-in-one experience with plenty of custom features. It can also be a great choice for FPS/MMO players, fans of RGB and enjoy a heavier mouse. 

 Viper V570 RGB Mouse


Viper V551 RGB Mouse

The Viper V551 offers plenty of customization and style without the robust design of the V570. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, large PTFE glide pads, wired connection and multi-zone RGB, the low-profile V551 boasts sharp performance that reaches upwards of 12,000 DPI with our Viper Software. 

The V551 is a perfect intermediate-level mouse for gamers looking for a more low-profile design with plenty of customization options. It can also be a great choice for use between work and gaming, fans of RGB and a more lightweight mouse. 

 Viper V551 RGB Mouse


Viper V550 RGB Ambidextrous Mouse

Along with its strong customization and style, the Viper V550 is a unique low-profile mouse that offers an ambidextrous ergonomic design and a sharp gaming experience overall. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, large PTFE glide pads, wired connection and multi-zone RGB, the V550 delivers on sharp performance that reaches upwards of 10,000 DPI with our Viper Software. 

Much like the V551, the V550 is the perfect intermediate-level mouse for ambidextrous gamers and those looking for a more low-profile design with plenty of customization options. It can also be a great choice for use between work and gaming, fans of RGB and those looking for something comfortable and lightweight. 

 Viper V550 Ambidextrous RGB Mouse

Viper V530 LED Mouse

Built with premier comfort in mind, the Viper V530 offers sharp performance and style for the gamer on a budget. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, PTFE glide pads, a unique body style, wired connection and custom LED color profiles, the V530 delivers on strong performance that reaches upwards of 4000 DPI. 

The V530 is a perfect beginner-level mouse for casual gamers that want more tools at their disposal. It can also be a great choice for gamers that want something simple, clean and for an excellent price-performance. 

 Viper V530 LED Mouse

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