How Important is Weight for Mice?

How Important is Weight for Mice?

When it comes to PC gaming, being able to move mice quickly without delay is a massive part of success. As we've discussed in previous articles, such as our wired vs. wireless mice debate, there are a lot of deciding factors that go into picking the perfect mice. Just a few include connection, range and surface area, performance and cost. 

One key part we also discussed was weight. While weight is a much more subjective and preferential attribute compared to objective performances, gamers have their own needs and preferences that can override others. 

In today's article, let's discuss mice weight, how important it truly is, how it plays into other mice factors and what to look for. 

 Is Mice Weight Really That Important?

When it comes down to it, a mouse's weight can mean both a lot and a little when coming into play with other adjustments like in-game sensitivity and mouse-specific DPI settings, something we also discuss in our Mice DPI Guide. In the same way, performance and polling rate can be overriding to this. However, the important thing about mice weight is that it provides balance from game to game that works as a baseline to help fine-tune exact speeds and comfort. Therefore, it can be incredibly important in finding what works for someone specifically. 

Heavy vs. Light Mice

Typically speaking, a mouse being heavy or light can be more subjective than anything else. However, mice that are considered "heavier" than the average mice may typically weigh over 100-120 grams, while most lighter mice may look to sit under the 80-100 gram range. As we'll discuss later with mice like Viper Gaming's V551, they sit right in the middle around 100 grams, while the V570 sits closer to 125 grams without weights and 160 grams with weights.

Gamers can come to expect baseline level mice to sit in the middle range for those who don't have a preference for mice going one way or the other, along with mice focusing on certain performances with DPI or a feel with a conforming fit to other mice. 

Other Factors with Mice Weight

Weight for heavy vs. light mice can also depend on other components related to performance and connection.

One such aspect where weight can play in comes down to a wired or wireless mouse's connection. While both wired and wireless mice can deliver with mice that opt for different weights on either side, certain wireless mice might have a weight difference coming down to batteries that aren't present in mice with a wired connection.

This is similar with added buttons, where the higher number of customizable buttons and interior components can affect a mouse's weight more, or mouse shape, especially those of which focus on more of an ergonomic setup designed for comfort and access than a standard shape. 

Games and Mice Weight

The games you play can make a big difference on what mice are best for your comfort. As you might expect, most popular games of today are ones that require swift movement and being able to move quickly (such as games like Call of Duty, Fortnite, Apex Legends, Overwatch and many others), resulting in many turning their attention to a lighter mouse for a smoother and more responsive experience with as little latency as possible. 

However, there are some gamers that prefer a weighted mouse that offers comfort and less movement while opting for a higher DPI or sensitivity setting, typically more used for games that won't require constant movement and focus more on timing and less on precision seen in MMO and/or RPG type games like Diablo

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, weight is an important factor to consider when making the right decision about what mice to use. While it can be entirely subjective and does not require any specific type of mouse with a weight for all users, it can be helpful to have an idea of what type of mouse you're looking for. 

Patriot Viper's Picks: Mice

Viper V570 RGB Mouse: Heavy


For those looking for a heavier mouse, the Viper V570 contains all the bells and whistles gamers will love. With an ergonomic design with 13 programmable buttons, removable weights that can add up to 34.2 grams total, ceramic footpads, wired connection, and stunning full-display RGB, the V570 offers plenty of customization and sharp performance in a mouse that reaches upwards of 12,000 DPI changed with a simple click of a button above its wheel.

The V570 is a perfect expert-level mouse for gamers looking for a heavy mouse with a lot of firepower to offer. 

Viper V551 RGB Mouse: Average

The Viper V551 offers strong customization and style with a lighter, more industry standard weight and feel. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, large PTFE glide pads, wired connection and multi-zone RGB, the low-profile V551 offers sharp performance and features DPI upwards of 12,000 DPI with our Viper Software changed with a simple click of a button above its wheel. 

The V551 is a perfect intermediate-level mouse for gamers looking for a more low-profile design with plenty of customization options for gamers looking for a good balance of performance, versatility and aesthetic. 

Viper V550 RGB Ambidextrous Mouse: Average

Along with its strong customization and style and close to the Viper V551 in weight, the Viper V550 is a unique low-profile mouse that offers an ambidextrous ergonomic design and a sharp gaming experience overall. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, large PTFE glide pads, wired connection and multi-zone RGB, the V550 delivers on sharp performance and features upwards of 10,000 DPI with our Viper Software that can be changed with a simple click above its wheel. 

Much like the V551, the V550 is the perfect intermediate-level mouse with a good industry standard feel and weight that's helpful for ambidextrous gamers and those looking for a low-profile mouse with plenty of customization. 

Viper V530 LED Mouse: Average

Built with premier comfort in mind, the Viper V530 offers sharp performance and style for the gamer on a budget. Featuring 7 programmable buttons, PTFE glide pads, a unique body style, wired connection and custom LED color profiles, the V530 delivers on strong performance and features upwards of 4,000 DPI as a median option compared to Viper's other offerings. 

The V530 is a perfect beginner-level mouse for casual gamers that want more tools at their disposal and want a good feel. It can also be a great choice for gamers that want something simple, clean and for excellent price-performance. 

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