Viper VXD SSD Enclosure Guide

Viper VXD SSD Enclosure Guide

Patriot Viper’s VXD M.2 PCIe RGB SSD Enclosure is a storage enclosure built for holding form fitting internal drives. While many may prefer using traditional HDDs or other traditional means of portable storage, there are many unique advantages to using a storage enclosure with your storage needs that the VXD SSD Enclosure can offer users. 

What to know about the VXD

The VXD offers convenient and easy external storage solutions for internal SSDs. Featuring a PCIe Gen3 x4 interface optimized for M.2 2230/2242/2260/2280 sized drives, the VXD is built for blazing fast read and write speeds of up to 1000MB/s. It also features a Gen2 x1 USB 3.2 controller that delivers 10GB/s transfer speeds. 

Along with its sharp performance, the VXD also offers sleek design, RGB capabilities and heat shields designed to protect your internal SSD in the best way possible. The VXD offers storage solutions for full convenience and large amounts of space when you need it most. 

For more information about the VXD SSD Enclosure and compatibility, please visit our VXD page

What is the purpose of the VXD?

In short, the VXD allows for using an internal drive as an external storage solution. The VXD is designed with compatibility and portability by offering powerful storage options for any setup or operating system, whenever you need it. From laptops to desktops to anything in between, the VXD is a means of taking important and large amounts of data anywhere, anytime and to any system. 

Who can use the VXD?

The VXD is well-suited for a variety of users that need extra space. It would be an ideal solution for adding extra storage on desktops or laptops to complement internal drives. It also might be ideal for users that travel and need to take large amounts of data on the go or for transferring important data from your personal device to a different location or workstation. 

Additionally, for gamers, this enclosure could be a good way to export, offload or create more space for games when storage is running low. It can also be a good way for transferring games from system to system with ease. 

The VXD is also perfect for Apple and PC users alike. The VXD comes with both USB-C to C and USB-C to A cords. This opens up its use as external storage with both systems and even allows for the possibility to switching between them.

Do I need to format my VXD’s storage drive?

In some cases, users may need to manually format storage drives depending on differing systems, the drive in use and planned use for systems. For more information on manually formatting your storage drive, check out our formatting guide.

How to install a storage drive into the VXD

For VXD owners, installing a drive correctly is a very easy but important step to ensure proper use and functionality. This guide will offer proper instructions on how to easily install a drive into your VXD SSD Enclosure:

  1. Combine the Thermalpad ① and Thermal Heatsink ② with the PCIe m.2 SSD together.


  1. Use a Screwdriver to remove the screw in the Enclosure.


  1. Remove the Front Cover from the Enclosure. Take off the Inside Case of the Enclosure. 


  1. Insert the SSD into the open Socket . Insert Screwstand into the Inside Case.


  1. Insert the Inside Case into the Enclosure. Put on the Front Cover. Lock the Front Cover with the screw.


  1. With the Cable, connect to a Computer and Enjoy 10Gb/s.


With so much to offer in the way of convenience and performance, the VXD truly makes external storage a breeze. For more information and where to buy the VXD, visit our VXD product page!

 VXD M.2 PCIe SSD Enclosure 

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