How Important Are Palm Rests for Gaming?

How Important Are Palm Rests for Gaming?

When working or gaming with a keyboard, wrist pain can be very common when users repeat hand or wrist motions on a keyboard for long or frequent periods. The frequency of these motions can often result in injury related to one's muscles in their arms, with the most common being wrist pain through carpal tunnel syndrome. 

When keyboard use is frequent, many people use palm rests as a means of providing support to their wrists to avoid injury or pain from awkward arm posture. However, is this a helpful or important accessory when it comes to gaming?

In today's article, we'll discuss palm rests and discuss their importance in the context of gaming.  

The Research Around Palm Rests

There are a lot of varying opinions about palm and wrist rests out there from users, and it's important to read what experts and organizations have to say about their benefits.

According to research and discussion by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration on their use, wrist or palm rests can increase comfort when working on a keyboard for long or frequent periods. When a palm or wrist rest is in proper use, it can prevent users from bending their wrists at awkward angles which can lead to pain or injury that can usually occur with frequent usage. It can also alleviate other pains in the entire arm and even in the shoulders with proper posture. 

Moreover, the Canadian Centre for Occupational Health and Safety agrees that rests can help to avoid discomfort with proper posture in their use. The CCOHS also discusses one popular argument around rests that too much weight or incorrect use of rests puts harmful pressure on the undersides of wrists.  

Ultimately, research suggests that using rests can be helpful when users practice correct posture and properly lay palms and wrists on the rest, but personal preference and normal posture are the key components in their effectiveness and are not necessary for everyone. With that being said, an overall workstation with proper space to work and maintain good posture is the most important element of avoiding discomfort. 

Palm Rest Factors 

As explained by OSHA and the CCOHS, palm rests can be helpful for frequent use when applying proper practices to them. As such, there are certain factors with palm rests that can make them more appealing for gamers. Different factors such as rest material, ergonomic shape, height, width, cushioning, surface glide and overall comfort with use for your keyboard are all factors that can matter in finding the right palm rests. Traditionally, most rests in use are gel-cushioned with a good mix of thick padding and sit at a height similar to the keyboard. However, some gaming-oriented brands may opt for types that are built more for quick movements, such as a softer plastic or a more ergonomic, rising shape for easier movement. 

Are Palm Rests Right for You?

Ultimately, palm rests and their importance completely depends on users' specific needs for additional support. While some users may not need them, they have been shown to provide additional comfort and support, especially with elongated or frequent keyboard use over time. 

Keyboard Spotlight

Over the years, some gaming keyboards have added built-in palm rests that can be used or removed depending on user preference. With Viper Gaming, we believe in giving users accessibility and comfort options evident with our different keyboards. 

Viper V770 RGB Keyboard

Along with a stunning RGB display, Kailh Red switches and multimedia keys, the V770 also comes with a unique RGB palm rest that syncs with the keyboard's RGB. Held by magnets, the RGB palm rest can be removed or attached at any time to fit users' needs. The palm rest has a smooth and softer feel with an ergonomic design to support quick keystrokes and proper support for gaming. The V770 is perfect for gamers who want all the customization, bells and whistles in one quieter keyboard. 

Viper V765 RGB Keyboard

Along with its stunning RGB display, Kailh White switches and multimedia keys, the V765 also comes with a smaller palm rest than other Viper keyboards. Held by magnets, the V765's palm rest can be removed or attached at any time to fit users' needs. The palm rest has a smooth and softer feel with an ergonomic design to support quick keystrokes and proper support for gaming. The V765 is perfect for gamers looking for an intermediate option with plenty of customization and more clicks. 

Viper V730 LED Keyboard  

Along with its LED backlight display, Kailh Brown switches and onboard multimedia functions, the Viper V730 also comes with a built-in palm rest featuring the Viper logo. While the V730's palm rest cannot be removed, the rest provides plenty of comfort and an ergonomic design to support quick keystrokes and proper support for gaming. The V730 is perfect for gamers looking for a great keyboard on a budget with essential comfort and performance. 

 Viper V770 RGB Keyboard
Viper V765 RGB Keyboard
Viper V730 LED Keyboard

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