Patriot XPorter 3 USB Flash Guide

Patriot XPorter 3 USB Flash Guide

The newest entry in Patriot Memory's XPorter series is here! The XPorter 3 is the latest USB 3.2 Gen 1 Slider Type-A Flash Drive built to help take the day on with ease. In today's article, let's discuss the XPorter 3's versatile features, what makes it unique and what makes this flash drive truly designed to carry the workload with you.  

XPorter 3: Features and Abilities 

Speed and Performance

With the XPorter 3's quick read speeds of up to 80MB/s, users can expect speedy transfers for any number of files, photos, videos and music at any time. Along with support from UASP mode for fast response time, the XPorter 3 offers sharp performance perfect for steady and consistent use. 

Large Storage Capacities

The XPorter 3 also offers strong and varied options for storage size with some of the highest range Patriot Memory offers. The XPorter 3 is available in capacities from 32GB to 256GB that are uniquely built for any workload to handle consistently. 

System Compatibility

The XPorter 3 also offers a strong amount of compatibility built for users and systems of all kinds. The XPorter 3 works with both current and previous iterations of Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. It also features industry-standard exFAT formatting for backwards compatibility with past USB versions. This ultimately allows for smooth and optimized transfers for flash memory across any system or workflow. 

Body Design and Convenience

The XPorter 3 is also a great USB that's built to be taken anywhere it's needed. Its outer body features an easy to use capless slider to protect its USB port, along with a key chain holder on the end. This allows for easy transportation and a simple plug-and-play approach without the need for a driver. 

Who is the XPorter 3 Built For?

As we've discussed, the XPorter 3 is a versatile USB flash drive built for fast transfers and steady performance. The XPorter 3 is well-built for any kind of professionals, students and creatives who need storage built for convenience and access anywhere they need their data. 

Where Can I Buy the XPorter 3?

The XPorter 3 is now available in 32GB, 64GB, 128GB and 256GB capacities on the Patriot Viper store today. It can also be found on the Patriot Viper B&H store

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